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Art installation inspired on the work of master Francisco Oller y Cestero


A still life is a work of art depicting inanimate objects  of everyday life . This genre of art generally serves itself from elements of design, composition and light to produce an effect of serenity, well being and harmony.


The Puerto Rican artist that best worked this genre of still life was “Maestro” Francisco Oller y Cestero, the only Latin American painter who participated in the development of impressionism. This artist ilustrated with his brush our fruits through his still lifes. Today a new dialogue is established with the creation of a new series of still lifes inspired in his compositions through photography and the digital silkscreen media used in the installation Nature morte.


This installation, inspired by the work of Oller, presents in a the three-dimensional character his still lifes of fruits. With the idea of exploring the concept of traditional “bodegon” and the interrelationship between its components and the spectator, Nature Morte uses contemporary photography and silk-screen media to create a maze of illusion & reality.



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