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Inspired on the petroglyphs that are images created by incising, picking, carving, or abrading on the surface of the rock to create a form of rock art. With these images archaeologist have been able to understand their way of living, customs and beliefs of the Taínos.

This large-scale work by Puerto Rican artist Carlos Mercado consists of 18 large acrylic mirrors in the shape of ‘megaliths’ with a gigantic Yves Klein blue stone in the center. This kind of “colorful ceremonial site” is overly reminiscent of a past whose Taíno roots rest underneath the very land designated as the art production location. The installation could be a reminder to honor and celebrate all natives who once populated the island. The specular installation, in turn, places before us a distorted image of our present selves while questioning us about the nature of the landscape that has been artistically intervened and transform.

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